Unbundled Services & Limited Representation

Have you been turned away by Legal Aid? Are you considering handling your own divorce? In this economy, many people are unable to afford an attorney to assist with divorce or other family law issues. Unfortunately, choosing to proceed without an attorney can lead to problems down the road. We provide solution to this problem by offering low-cost limited family law services to support clients who choose to handle most of their case by themselves.

Limited Scope Representation or Unbundled Legal Services

The Missouri Supreme Court Rules allows an attorney to provide limited-scope representation if the client gives informed consent in writing. This allows access to quality legal services to individuals regardless of their income levels when a person only has a general legal question or needs basic legal guidance. Pro Se Litigants are increasing in the court systems because these individuals cannot afford to retain an attorney. Our firm provides limited legal assistance to individuals, who need assistance with case procedure and planning, forms, hearing preparations, and other services.


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